Landfill Solar provides unique racking and ballast solutions for landfill slopes & surfaces, and our patented approach improves power production and performance. As a result, we maximize developer ROI and site owner profitability.

Landfill Solar’s patented approach improves profitability by utilizing the landfill’s previously-unusable side slope surface areas to increase each site’s revenue-generating potential.

Our patented solar racking and ballast, solutions for landfill slopes and surfaces from Landfill Solar.

Municipal / Landfills

Landfill Solar’s patented racking and ballast system allows developers and municipalities to increase revenues by generating more electric power.

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Commercial solar applications using the surface ballast system from Landfill Solar.

Commercial Solar

Landfill Solar changes the economics of commercial solar by providing the greatest overall value on today’s commercial solar market.

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Introducing the Home Solar Garden for residential solar using the  surface ballast system from Landfill Solar.

Residential Solar

Introducing “The Home Solar Garden,” our residential ground-based solution that provides the homeowner with a unique, portable concept.

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Landfill Solar is a proud member of SEIA.

About Us

Landfill Solar strives to set a new standard in the solar industry. Our team is passionate about sustainability and providing low-cost, advantageous PV installations, and we want solar power to be more accessible and attainable than ever before. Renewable energy resources are essential to a brighter future, and we are committed to provide the most effective way to deliver those resources. Learn more……

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