Landfill Solar’s patented approach helps developers by utilizing the landfill’s previously-unusable side-slope surface area to increase each site’s power-producing capacity and revenue-generating potential.


Professional PV design and installation services are available on a per-project basis. Design fees are waived when Landfill Solar is selected as the supplier/installer.


Landfill Solar’s unique “Landfill Explorer” technology analyzes each landfill’s topography in 3D and uses NREL statistics to quantify the system’s total production and ROI.


Landfill Solar can demonstrate how developers and municipalities can maximize their profits by developing previously-unusable landfill surfaces, brownfields, and SuperFund sites.

The ONLY solution engineered for sloped landfill surfaces

Introducing the Landfill Solar approach:

Landfill Solar’s patented approach is specifically developed to address the inherent challenges associated with landfill installations.

  • We do not use concrete or invasive fasteners that can threaten the integrity of the cap.
  • Our non-invasive, CONTOUR (TM) ballast system distributes the system weight evenly across the entire site area and allows for settling. 
  • Our system can be configured for any existing elevation and contour variations.
  • Side-slope stability is maintained through the use of vertical “North-South” ballast positioning that adapts to the site’s existing contour.

A patented, non-invasive racking and ballast system for both flat and sloped surfaces

  • Our ballasted platforms provide a foundation for each array that will not damage the landfill cap or disrupt landfill settlement, making it possible to install on any terrain with no impact to the cap or the site environment. 
  • The assembly and installation procedure requires no field trenching or site grading, so no heavy machinery or equipment is needed.
  • Any impact to the site and its ecosystems is minimized. 
  • Our design is simple and uncomplicated, user-friendly and non-invasive.